This is truly playoff hockey when rivals play in one gif. 
Carcillo got hit high and the refs missed it. Then he made an amazing play while on the ice and instead they called a hook. He was utterly pissed. He came out of the box, scored and did this. Such an awesome sequence of playoff hockey.

If u missed last night episode, u missed this! (ps catch up here!)

Got passed on 400 by a Murcielago and a Gallardo Spyder on my way to my grandmas. It was cool.

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Nathan Mackinnon. Breaking angles and sniping goals in the playoffs at 18 years of age.


Old boxy cars are where it’s at.

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+ DONKS_ETC present the 「First Annual Chattahoochee Hustle」 TUBE RACE Saturday, May 17th at #Sowo in Helen, GA in conjunction with COOL River Tubing Co.
Fastest down the river wins.
$10 Entry (rental included)/ Winner-takes-All Event, +t shirt and prize
More info to come

This sounds badass!
Transferring some vinyl to mp3. 

#theeohsees #vinyl